Dynamic of supervisor whilst facilitating own team during an team building session on the low-rope course to be assessed.  Feedback to be given on interpersonal dynamics and supervisory skill.

Re-measurement to be done:

  • EQi
  • Assessment of self-awareness
  • Assessing of self management abilities
  • Assessment of understanding of others
  • Assessment of relationship management skills
  • Assessment of time management abilities
  • Assessment of decision-making abilities
  • Assessment of ability to delegate
  • Assessment of management and people skills
  • Assessment of communication skills
  • Assessment of presentation skills
  • Assessment of leadership profile
  • Assessment of being your own person
  • Assessment of empowerment skills
  • Assessment of your walking the talk
  • Assessment of motivational skills
  • Assessment of planning skills
  • Assessment of HR management skills
  • Assessment of budget management skills
  • Assessment of information Technology skills
  • Consolidated assessment

Signed off by accredited facilitator
Ceremony service
Each-one-teach one and new target group to be identified
Train-the-trainers to be trained for future processes.



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